Stephen Franks uses the finest quality materials in his work. His preferred suppliers – Neodent, Straumann, Nobel and Geistlich – are profiled here:

There are currently well over one hundred different dental implant manufacturers. Dr Franks only uses dental implants manufactured by the three leading implant companies; Neodent, Straumann and Nobel Biocare.

Choosing premium dental implants gives you the confidence of an implant that is made to the highest standards, using premium materials and a design which is scientifically tried and tested. You also can be sure that compatible parts and components will be available in the future should they be required. 




Our chosen bone graft material provider Geistlich are the worldwide experts in regenerative dentistry, with some 1,000 pre-clinical and clinical studies proving the success in practice of their products. Their bone and membrane products are regarded as the ‘gold standard’ materials of choice.

They specialise in biomaterials for the regeneration of bone and tissue, developing and manufacturing bone substitutes, membranes and soft tissue regeneration devices with the goal of giving patients a better quality of life.

Over the past 30 years, no other provider has the same experience when it comes to the number of patients treated and products sold.